I’m a twenty-something year old musician and part-time literature and philosophy student from the West of Ireland.

I have a hamster called Gus… (because that’s important…)

I’ll read almost anything; general fiction, non-fiction, classics, autobiography, romance, science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery and thrillers, although Young Adult seems to be my genre of choice lately.

I review books that I’ve received free from NetGalley, or also just books that I’ve bought myself and feel like reviewing. My (very-generalised) rating system is as follows:

5 star – Loved it!

4 star – Liked it!

3 star – It was okay.

2 star – It wasn’t for me… 

1 star – I’ll let you know if I ever give a book this rating!

You can find me on Goodreads here.

By the way, I’m pretty terrible at keeping a consistent blog, so sometimes it may seem as if I’ve disappeared off the face of the planet, but I’ll always be back…

Thanks for visiting.