Review: Stark Contrasts

Stark Contrasts
Stark Contrasts by Peter Carroll

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Stark Contrasts is the first in a series featuring the Scottish DI Adam Stark. This book recounts his efforts to apprehend a vigilante plaguing the streets of London.

One of the main reasons I found it hard to get into this book was the constant change of point of view. It’s not that I found it confusing, but I found it extremely difficult to get invested in any of the characters. We weren’t with any of them for long enough. I was unable to warm up to any of them, not even the titular character, who constantly objectifies his co-worker. It briefly switches to her point of view, just for her to say that she’s ok with it because it could be worse. Hmm.. The other characters ranged from mentally deluded psychopaths, to the extremely obnoxious or ignorant, to the woefully misguided. In the end, I need someone to root for, and I wasn’t rooting for anyone.

Although I didn’t like it, there are some positive aspects to this book. The writing is generally strong and the plot follows an interesting premise. Overall, it kept me engaged enough to read to the end, but not enough for me to seek out the next book in the series.

I do feel as if this author could have a decent thriller in him, but this isn’t it.

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